So you may be wondering what tools we have available to us for building the websites, iOS apps and programs that we build. Here’s the definitive list (which we will of course keep updated as times change):


  • WordPress – the number one CMS used on the web these days, it is an open-source platform designed for beautiful, simple and powerful websites and blogs in mind. With the plugins and themes available, including the major plugins listed below and the premium themes that really give it a unique look and feel, it fulfils this ideal perfectly and is our preferred CMS for most sites.
    • BuddyPress – the social networking plugin for WordPress that can turn the site into a full, privately hosted social network. Perfect for communities.
    • BBPress – the bulletin board plugin for WordPress that allows you to have integrated forum software in your WordPress or BuddyPress install. Yes, we use that here too.
    • WooCommerce – the number one E-Commerce platform for WordPress, which is extremely flexible and powerful while maintaining simplicity and elegance.
    • FoxyShop – for those who want a clean, crisp shopping experience, FoxyShop integrates seamlessly into WordPress with no template requirements, and integrates perfectly with the leading checkout management tool FoxyCart, which starts at $15/month.
  • Drupal – our second CMS of choice, Drupal is another open-source platform aimed at producing powerful and flexible websites for those that need more. We use it for niche applications.
  • PHPBB – for those who need more power in their bulletin board software, PHPBB is the number one open-source software for it. With over 12 years of experience and use, powerful features, extensive plugins, and simple themes, it’s simply the best out there.
  • Nova – the premier RPG management software on the web, and we’re big into RPGs here. Very good software for powerful and flexible simming needs.

More to come as we add to this 🙂