What is Code Strike?

Code Strike is the website that hosts programs and websites created by Jarada (aka David Jarrett), called Apps. For these Apps, it provides a central knowledgebase for common questions, a community forum for discussion, roadmaps for future developmental plans (both public and private), and a private support ticketing system.

What type of Apps?

Code Strike deals with computer-based programs that run on Windows, Mac and Linux, iPhone and iPad based applications, and WordPress, Drupal, PHPBB and Nova based websites. Each are coded personally by David for friends, family and interests. Websites are designed using premium themes that run seamlessly in the CMS used, customised for the task at hand.

So what you got?

Why not check out our Apps page for the full list in our current showcase, and our Knowledgebase for more information on the tools we use. We will be adding more to the site as time progresses, as well as opening up the Forum to public registration. For now though, you can also see our latest App (a Website App) featured below, along with information and links.

Featured App

Site Showcase

Drupal, Wordpress, PHPBB, Nova and custom-built websites.

Cynosure Order
Built using Nova, the custom CMS for Simming, the Cynosure Order follows the other Nova site we have built, the USS Aeon, with the same unique custom designed premium-based skin, customised in design for the Star Wars universe.